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What should we wear?

I will send you a prep guide with suggestions. If you still need help just shout! I love to see what you're  planning and offer suggestions when needed. 

What if the weather isn't good on our session day?

I watch the weather like a crazy person and the forecast typically changes every 1/2 day, if not more!  If it's cloudy on your session day that is not a problem at all and it actually photographs beautifully. If its overly windy, cold or raining we will reschedule for another day. 

My kids don't like to sit still.

Not a problem! I love to capture you and your family interacting together. I will grab some photos of everyone sitting or standing nicely and smiling at me, but overall I like to capture emotions. 

Can my pet come?


Can we do our session at our property?

Yes! I have several locations that I love to use, but I am always looking for new spots! If you love your space and want me to come to you for your session, I would love to!

When should I book a newborn session?

I only take a limited number of babies a month, so the sooner you can book the better!

How do I book for a newborn session if I don't know when my baby will be here?

Like mentioned above a take a limited number of babies per month for this exact reason. Once you've paid your session fee you're on my book. Babies are on their own time and that's perfectly fine! If you have a cesarian or induction date we can go ahead and plan around that, if not, just let me know once baby has arrived and we will set a day that works.



Who can come to our newborn session?

I just allow baby's parents (or a parent and support person) and siblings in studio. My studio isn't huge and newborn sessions typically last 2.5-3.5 hours. A lot of times siblings do better coming just at the beginning or end of session so they can get their photos with new baby. 

Should I bring outfits for baby to wear?

Nope!  I have a variety of newborn props, including outfits, wraps, headbands and hats. I like to keep the focus on baby's natural beauty, so what I have in studio will allow baby to shine, without taking the focus from them. We will talk before your session about what you would like your photos to look like so I can plan out what to use for your session. If there is something special you want to bring for baby we can incorporate that in.   

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