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Can we take a second to appreciate this girl? She is beautiful inside and out. I don't typically work much with seniors, but I love when I get to. Kylie's mom reached out to me a few months back about her photos and I was thrilled. I remember Kylie from when she was in Middle school. She was always trying to do good things for others. I always enjoyed seeing her posts on Facebook and seeing her around the ballfields while her brother and my son played. Then this past weekend came and I got to spend my Sunday evening hanging out with Kylie and her momma. We had all the fun. We splashed in a creek, dodged some traffic and got to go adventuring down some trails I'd never been before; and Kylie was a trooper for all of it! Seeing how Kylie and Amanda interact with each other reminded me of me and my mom in high school and do I ever miss those moments. Needless to say I am super excited for the second part of Kylie's senior session and all the captures we will get!

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