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My Simple Space

In January of 2021 I decided that I could no longer take sessions in my home studio. While it did me well for the first 3 years of newborns that I had and I loved the convenience of not having to leave my home, it just was no longer working for me. I had been loosely looking for a commercial space for close to a year with no avail. I knew it would be difficult to find something that was perfect for what I had in mind. God surprised me though. The week that I decided I could not longer make my studio work, I saw an advertisement for an office space. I reached out to the owner, hopeful that she would allow me to use the space as a studio and have families come into my space. She said, "Yeah, absolutely! No problem." Hearing those words was such a huge relief. I moved in the next week and have been slowly but surely making this space a place of peace for me and my clients.

The studio is located right in the middle of our small community; the square in Boonville. I grew up driving through the square to get everywhere. At that point I don't remember there being a lot of businesses. Over the past few years the square has been completely revamped. There are so many small businesses offering their services to our community and bringing life back to our town. I LOVE it and I am so grateful to be able to be in a space so close to it. It may not be huge, but it works for me! I love the peaceful feeling I get coming here to set up for sessions or edit. Lunch is just a walk down the road and I can enjoyed breaks right across the street at Johnson Park.

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