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  • Kimber Boyer

Why not digitals?

Oh, the million dollar question.....I really battled for a long time on if I wanted to continue to run my business the way that I have for years (just dropping digitals in your inbox), or if I wanted to sell art. This was not a decision that I jumped into; it's been on my heart for years. It terrified me to jump into something new. What it truly boils down to is that I feel like I am doing a great disservice to my clients and myself by not actually printing my work for you. It would be like going to a restaurant for a nice meal and the chef just bringing the ingredients to the table, instead of preparing it for you the correct way. Sure, some of us could muddle our way through the process, but that’s not what you went there for. It’s not full service.

I used to be the client who wanted just digitals. I wanted to share my family photos with all of my friends and family on social media, instant gratification. Plus, I could just print them out myself…..but guess what? I NEVER printed my images. If you go to my house I would seriously be so embarrassed because you know, photos are my job, yet I have very few photos of my family around the house. *Insert my mortified hand to face look*

I like to think that I give my clients the best of both worlds though. Not only will we have a reveal where you get to look through your images and purchase the artwork that you love, but I do also include a matching digital image for every photo that you purchase. You can still have them on your phone, social media and have a copy should you need to reprint it as a later time.

Over the past 6 years, I have put a lot into my business. It’s taken me years of further education, research, upgrading equipment, and lots of sleepless nights to get to where I am in my career. There are hundreds of places that print photos now and let me tell you that the quality is not at all equal. You simply can’t get top quality in your prints unless you are printing from a professional lab. It is just unfair to you for you to spend all this time planning outfits, choosing the perfect location, bringing your family out to hang with me and spending your hard earned money on a quality session just to have Wal-Mart prints hanging on your walls. (or maybe you’re like me and they’re just sitting in your camera roll or an archived email)

In a nutshell. I am very excited for this new journey , and I hope that you’re excited for it too!

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